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i have endometriosis also, and i have had it for 7 years and i have had 2 surgeries for it. I went through hell with pain management, first of all my OB sent me to a pain management Doc and he prescribed me Norco and he told me to take 2 four times a day everyday, so that is what i did. Come to find out it is addictive so i became addicted to it. I seen a new OB and told him about it. I have never been addicted before so he said i could take Ultram and small doses of Vicodin and he monitored me closely, he also put me on birth control pills and i would only have a period every 2 months. But i am pregnant now and i have no symptoms, but my OB said they will return right after my baby is born and i will go right back on my pain management regimine. It helps, you should see a Gynecologist they know best when it comes to treating Endo. trust me i have it bad, in my intestines also, and in my abdomen on my ovaries and just about everywhere else. It took me 4 years to find a doctor who actually cared and helped with my pain.

Good Luck