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:confused: He is taking up to 12 norco's a day and 80 mg of oxy's a day, he only goes 1 week at the longest without getting another refill, from his doctor, i finally got his paper work from the drugstore, he finishes 60 norcos in a week orless then buys oc's from people until he's next fill. what do i do!! is he in need of rehab or better Dr ?? He has had 7 surgeries in 2 1/2 years he went along time without taking anything, until he got older and started having shoulder, neck leg problems and lots of pain, all of his tests, amg's mri's, etc, all come back irregular, including alot of nerve damage, the shots didn't work for him, he always took advil like crazy, he was athletic, now when he doesn't work he sleeps or tries to play golf, then he is in the bed for 1 or 2 days straight. He always tells me and my wife, and other family members, he just "has a high tolerance" for that stuff". We all think he has prob damaged his liver, kidneys, and god knows what in his brain.?? He started taking all this stuff again and going bck to his primary doctor, when he had like 15 thousand in dental work done, afew months later he was taking stuff for that and shoulder, this has been going on since mid 2002,as far as him taking all those pills, his 1st surgery was in 1996, is he in trouble?? We both r trying to get him in a good pain mgt program, less pills more therapy, but its looking like he can't seem to do just shots a physical therapy. the pain pills really do seem to work for him, he is active more, we do alot more things together, he scared he told me he doesn't want to be pill head, or like Rush, he watches TV and gets upset, and doesn't take anything for a day or so, then all the stuff hits him again, then starts the cycle i mention earlier all over again, up down, up down. Emotionally he is sometimes depressed, I know ive said alot in my 1st post ever, i just need some direction.!! <3
Oh my goodness. Yes he has a problem. Especially with the oxys. I am on day 14 of my Oxy w/d and let me tell you, it is the worst thing ever. First of all, oxys are Heroin in a pill, and if hes taking 80mgs, his body is well and truly hooked.

I just detoxed off 90mg a day, you can see some older threads too see what that was like, AC Fixer also quit the same time as me, and we had about the same habit. 4 days of hell, and that was just til the oxy pain went away. Basically your body goes into heroin w/d.

Have you ever seen a junkie go through it? It is pretty similar to that. YOU want to die for 4 straight days.

Does he really need that for pain? 12 norcos and 80mgs of oxy in a day?

You really cant help him, unless he wants to help himself. But please do tell him, that the oxys are heroin. I was only on 3 months and I was hooked, w/d was awful.
the oc's have only come on the seen with him he told me like 4 weeks ago, when he started to run out of the norco's, would he still have w/d's ? He takes only 1 40 mg pill a day by itself with out any norcos he's told me, the most is 2 pills of the 40mg oc's in 1 day is that still bad??
If he has been doing it for 4 weeks, that is enough to be hooked. It's heroin, you cant control what it does to your body. Best thing he can do is either taper off, or stop them and see if he gets bad w/d. It will start fairly quickly without the next pill.

Is it every day use? If so, then yes he will have bad w/d. Think of it like you do heroin. All it takes is few regular uses and your body is hooked. He would have wd anyway from the Norcos if he quits, but oxys are super bad.

Where vicodin and Norco have w/d also, their w/d is flu like symptoms. With the oxys, its just straight up pain. 4 days of it.
You know, it really does sound like he is in need of pain control.....but he has to get to a point where he is willing to use them responsibly and only for pain...never chasing a high. My husband has had several back surgeries...the last one was in hopes of reducing his pain level, which it didn't accomplish what he'd hoped. He really didn't want to be on narcotics indefinitely, but finally out of desparation went back to a pain management doctor that he'd seen once as part of his retirement process. The doc had said "I think think I can get your pain level down to a '3'". So he finally went back, and the doc wanted to put him on 20 mg of oxy, 3 x a day, and Norco 10's for breakthru pain...up to 4 x a day. DH had heard horror stories about oxy and really, really didn't want to get on them. So he started the Norco's, but after a few months found that they just didn't keep the pain manageable....would spike up and down and there were many times when he couldn't make it thru the night because of pain. So he finally decided to start the oxy, and it has really improved his quality of life. He still struggles sometimes with hating the idea of being a pill user, but you know, in his case, I can see where the meds can be a blessing. But dh's doc would never allow the dosage your brother has been taking. My husband's oxy dosage is low compared to what some people do take (prescribed by their doctors, not illicitly) but you just have to have a good doc who can 'manage' it all. Hope this helps.
Ok MustangDeb thanks alot for the advice all of it is very helpful, he seems to be doing ok from w/d from the oc's , he's just taking the norco's now and he told me last night that he felt better since he hadn't taken anymore Oc's, i guess from what you've been telling me thats a good sign.?! :) The next step me and my wife are thinking about is tapering him off the Norco's, now obviously he will never be pain free without taking something, OTC, or NOrco's but atleast his liver and or kidneys will have a break. What is the best non narcotic medication used to help with this approach?? And does the epidural shots put stress on your kidneys, or liver??