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Just wanted to update. Its day five post 2nd Micro D and I feel good. I still have some butt and leg pain, but not bad. I am getting really bored at home so thats good. I am able to walk a 3 tenths of a mile ( around the block once) and that seems to help. Still on Norco 1/2 pill a few times a day as well as a muscle relaxer. Very happy with this surgery so far and if I compare to my postings a year ago its night and day differance. Dr also put me on Medro Steroid. since there is still residual pain. He listens so thats good too. I am following the orders to a "T" No sitting more then 15 minutes and no BLT.

Hopefully I will continue to get better. My next goal is to get past the dreaded 5 to 6 week scar tissue setting in week. I heard doing ankle pumps can help, but I am not sure what to do since I am not supposed to do anything physical yet.