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Dont even know how to put this. I have been reading through the threads and have seen where 90% of people have had follow ups with there docs post op at 3 mos and 6 mos and so on. The only follow up I had was at 10 days for suture removal and then at 6 weeks to release me back to work..Didnt have to see him unless I had problems..Well this past September I started having severe back pain. I made an apt with my ortho dr. He did some xrays and said everything looked good. Gave me skelaxin and tylenol #2 because he thought my pain was associated with muscles. I explained to him at the time that I could feel pooping and grinding with every movement and it was terrible.The meds never touched the pain. I went from Sept 19 till Oct 14 with thinking I would have this pain forever and it kept getting worse. On Oct 14 I received a letter in the mail from my dr. stating he had reviewed the xrays again and there was a possible screw fracture. O.K. now Iam freaking out..I made an apt like the dr. asked for me to do..So I go to the apt he tells me he was sorry he scared me and that the screw being broken should be O.K. No need to repair it. But since Iam in so much pain he wanted an MRI done. He then gave me vicoden. I guess he knew I was really in pain and not just complaining. I went and had the MRI done with an apt following the MRI. First thing he said was there is two options watch it or do surgery..Then he proceded to tell me that watching it couldnt be an option since one of the fusions didnt take due to the screw being broke for some time. So now I have surgery NOV 30 anterior and posterior to remove and repair the broken screw and a refusion. My dr. cant explain why or how the screw broke since iam a small person and have had no accidents..Can anyone explain why they think my poat op instructions were so differant. I had no brace, No therapy and only stayed in the hospital one day. It was the worse pain I have ever had. The strongest pain med I have received was Norco and that was poat op in the hospital. Never know pcp pumps or nothing. Thanks for reading my life storie sorry so long..