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Hey all. Just wanted you all to know that I had a TLIF on Friday I can home on Sunday. Things are looking better and better. I am getting around the house, up and down stairs etc no problems. I do cramp up at night because I tend to sleep in once position. But after I get moving around, things are great. They have given me Valium (sp) or as I like to call it "the great mind eraser". I think my wife likes to give it to me and sit back and watch my antics. It really is to decrease the cramping/spasms bet I go a little COO COO on it. So I am down to a couple of soma during the day before sleep and some Norco during the day to keep the pain in control. Truth be told, If I did not move around alot, I dont think I would need it. I have a goal of going to work Jan 2nd. I am a weight lifter/wrestler by profession so it should be hard. Just kidding, I am a social worker and can do lots of sitting or standing depending on what I need. Thanks to everyone on this board. It helps to hear the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to this stuff!