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Hi, Both my husband and myself have had issue with prescription drugs namely hydrocodone, soma, and xanax now and again. This has been coming between us for going on 2 years now. We've been married 7.5 years and we have an almost 6 year old daughter.

I have never taken as much or gotten as bad off as he has. I got into legal trouble and I have quit. I can't say that I am totally clean because I still drink but I don't take the pills anymore. I feel much better and I realize how much I was missing when I was using. It is really quite ironic that I was the one to get into legal trouble but it was meant to be and I deserve it.

My husband has continued to use. He has lied about it, tried to hide it, etc, because he doesn't want to hear my opinion on the matter. I HATE how he acts on this crap. I am so sorry if I ever acted like that and I have told everyone how sorry and I am and believe me I have paid a huge price. I have always hated how he acts on the pills and I have always told him so.

So he got a refill of Norco on Thursday and he has been gone ever since. He knows exactly how I feel about it and yet he chooses to continue.

He told me yesterday that he wasn't going to take any today and guess where he has been ALL DAY? On the couch asleep. At night it just gets worse. I got up this morning to a mess involving chocolate all over the furniture and floor in three rooms. He does really strange things during the night and he never remembers it. The worst I guess is peeing on the floor.

So I tell him that I will support him in any way to get off of the crap, rehab, whatever it takes. He always just says that he will quit tomorrow then when tomorrow comes it's "I'll quit when this bottle runs out, I won't get another refil." I have been lied to too many times to even think about believing him.

So I feel like my choices for what to do are pretty limited. Leave him or live with it. I love this man with all of my heart and he has stuck by me through my deep depression, through the legal issues, and through my own use. Of course he was using himself the whole time and taking WAY more than I ever dreamed of taking. His last refill of 100 Norco only lasted 2 weeks. I can't believe that he ever thought that he could hide it, how ridiculous. I don 't even have to look at him to know that he is on the pills, I just have to hear his voice on the phone. The next 2 weeks were great through Christmas and then BOOM, here we go again.

I don't even know if I am looking for advice so much as support somewhere. This is VERY hard.
I did give him an ultimatum when I first quit myself. Then I decided that that wasn't very nice and that I should support him as long as he is trying. That is why he said that he had lied about it, because he felt that he had been backed into a corner. He rationalizes a great deal as to "why" he does this and I told him yesterday that wasn't going to fly any more. One of his rationalizations is that I once did it myself and that I am now being a hypocrite. If I hadn't got into legal trouble I would probably still be doing it myself, so that makes me feel guilty and believe me he knows how to push my buttons. It may have taken something drastic to get me to stop, but I did stop right? His actions are not MY fault due to my past failures. I never want to go back to that junk. Yes, I do know what the pills can do to you but like I said, honestly and I have no reason to try to sugarcoat this, I NEVER took the amount that he does nor have I ever peed on the floor and other crazy stuff that he does. Mine was pretty much limited to 4 Norcos per day and less when I got low. He can take 100 in 2 weeks or less, not to mention the other pills that he takes with them.

You are very right about my daughter not needing to be around this and I have tried to "use" that in my arguments as to why he should stop to.

I have a family history of alcohol and drug use and he has a history of his own. He has been on and off of junk that I would never have dreamed of ingesting. My argument to him is that he has gotten off of all sorts of things before, he is strong and he can get off of these pills too.

I am losing respect for him and once that is gone....well I just don't know if he'll be able to get it back.

I never, ever thought I'd be married to my father, but it seems it has come to fruition in a way. It always does doesn't it?

I am 38 and he is 46. He has been married twice before me so I'm his 3rd and he is my first marriage. I do believe in marriage and it has been really great until recently. I do believe in supporting someone through the good times and the bad, through sickness and in health. He supported me through all of my crap, held me while I cried uncontrollable, held me through my father's death and funeral, etc, etc. Now I am faced with what to do. He says he just needs the same support, the same true, unconditional love in return to beat this thing together.

I'm crying now, I feel so helpless.