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In response to your question re: vacuum disc, the research I have done shows that it is gas in the disc. What does this mean?? Loss of the cushioning effect of the disc. Your MRI's are almost the exact same as mine and I have undergone a lot of the same treatment but the pain persists. My only sources of pain relief have been epidural steroid injections 4 annually and proir to that, Radio Frequency Lesioning.
I have extensive spurs on my facet joints and the RFL really helped witht that.
I don't know if the IDET will help, I would really like to hear how you did with the procedure. The only consistant answers that I have gotten to all questions of surgery are that, there is a 50-50 chance that it will make it better/worse. Not good odds, but I have fibromyalgia on top of it so my perception to pain is all screwed up.
My only real advice to you is to reduce your intake of the pain meds. I tried for years to get rid of the pain and only when I realized that I would always be in pain to some degree, did I get on with my life.
Like you I was in an auto accident; at 36, 4 yrs after my fibromyalgia diagnosis, and went through PT, Chiro, etc. Seeking pain relief took over my life. Finally, I got on some anti-depressants and started walking through the pain, we're talking 5 minutes at first, it did help though.
I really wish someone would have told me to quit seeking a cure and live my life because now that I am 45 things are worse, 2 vertabrae are fusing on their own, growing together, no surgery, and the pain is much worse than it was before. But Morphine, methadone, none of it took the pain away without causing another seperate problem to deal with. Now I take Norco, double strength Viocodin, 0-3 tabs a day, and I really try to wait till I can't take the pain before I go for the meds.
I hope this helps you, and I really would like to hear how the procedure went. Please update as the IDET is one of the things that have been suggested for me (back when it was brand new) and I don't know anyone who has undergone the procedure.
Best wishes