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Hi all,
I has been awhile since I posted, however I know that several people had fusion around the same time I did (Dec. 15th.) and I was wondering how everyone was doing. I have been at work 3 weeks now. To be honest, the first week and a half was only half days. I felt like I was over doing it plus I got a wicked case of stomack flu. I hope no one ever has to experience vomiting three weeks or so post fusion. This week, I am feeling like I have turned a corner. The pain is about like it was on a bad day pre surgery (except I dont have any of the leg pain!). Tight musles and some sharpness with certain motions (like dropping a pencil and reaching quickly for it... silly, just let the pencil fall.) I feel like things are getting better every single day. I am able to hold my twins if I dont pick them up straight off the floor (I get them up on the bed and then pick them up from there). Physical therapy is going well (although I just read a post from Rose that made me mad... getting onto your hands and knees is the worst position for your spine as far as load). Next step is trying to get rid of this dag gum pain medicine. I am on 20 mg of oxycotin and 3 norcos a day. I was wondering how much everyone else is taking?? Well, take care everyone and I hope you are doing great in your recovery!
Wow is all I can say to you picking up your twins!!! Did you check with your doctor on that one?? That could be a reason for continuing pain. I am 4 weeks post op PLIF 360 fusion L5-S1 with hardware and just today at my one month visit (surgery 12/21), my weight limit was upped to 10 lbs. ONLY 10 lbs.

As for walking, I can't walk outside my home due to it not being level ground. I get picked up every day M-F by people from my church (many of them people I have never met! lol) and they take me to the local indoor mall. We walk 45 to 60 minutes a day. On Sundays, I walk 22 laps at the local Walmart. Talk about fun. Not! lol

My doc believes that walking is the KEY to success. Don't walk, don't blame him. lol

I had a failed fusion from last March, so I may cringe and be a worry wart about your lifting the twins more than someone else. I don't ever want to go through this again!!

BTW, I was just dropped to Ultram ER one a day from Norco (3 to 4 a day). I read about some people being on Percocet at 5 months and I just am befuddled. I believe I would have to be bedridden with pain to get that much from my docs. But, I can't wait to get driving again, and I absolutely will not do so while on narcotics, so maybe just a little more time. Woo hoo!

Good luck!