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I am 5 weeks post op PLIF 360 fusion and am walking 45 to 60 minutes a day. My doctor was strict about my walking and I personally wasn't going back to see him at one month if I was not walking as he instructed! lol

He said that vertebra is a very low vascular area and walking stimulates the blood flow, which is very necessary for fusion. Also, while walking, my pain completely disappears. It really relaxes my muscle spasms. I have to be careful later, though, as the muscles cool down and can spasm at that time.

When my pain kicks up, I slow down on the walking or walk a little shorter time, but I have only missed 2 days walking. I am to walk on only level ground, so not outside walking for me right now.

I had a failed fusion (w/o hardware) last March, and I walked very little. I remember being told to walk, but the doc didn't make a huge point about it. So, I just didn't walk very much. Then I failed to fuse, at age 39.

This time, I am not taking any chances, following every rule. So far, my pain is mostly surgery pain, many muscle spasms, and stiffness. I am on 4 Skelaxin a day, and have been on Ultram ER since last Monday. Quite a huge jump down from Norco!

I am also supposed to be walking 2 miles at this point, per day, even if I have to break it up in different sessions. I really recommend it! P.S. My doctor is very anti-physical therapy, and I won't be going to any as far as I know. If I need anything, he said I could do water therapy, but he has had it with PT folks pushing the patients and causing re-injury. (That's why I had to have my 2nd surgery!)