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Good job on all the walking!!

I am 8 weeks post 360 plif with instrumentation and am doing very well. I did have a setback, though, at around 5 weeks. At that point, I was downgraded from Norco to Ultram, and my body did not appreciate it. Ended up with an extra appointment with the doctor, but end result was just that the Norco was "masking" much of the ongoing pain, and once I was off of that, the pain came though. It took me about 2.5 weeks to adjust and start feeling as good as I did around 4 weeks, but I am back to doing good now.

Since I am on once a day Ultram, I keep forgetting to take my Skelaxin, and this is making me realize I am getting better and better. If I needed the same level of Skelaxin (every 6 hours), muscle spasms would be reminding me I needed it.

Good luck with your continued recovery!