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Hi again,

I am on: Norco (not sure the strength but can take up to 8 tabs a day), Amitriptyline (25mg once daily), Soma (350 Mg up to 4 times daily, it is a muscle relaxer) oh and my usual Paxil 20mg daily and Xanax .5mg (3 times daily). Oh and Motrin 800mg 3 times daily.

So, as far as I think, I am pretty much maxed out on the med situation. Now just have to keep from getting constipated so also am on 4 tabs of Senakot.

The pain management doc nurse called this afternoon and said they might be able to give me a shop of I think she said Lidocaine into the nerve bursting pain of the buttocks. She will be talking with home nurse and neuro to see how to work it in.

Anyways, been my 20 minutes of sitting here, so I best go do a lap around the house and lie down again.

Thanks again, you guys are the best!