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Hi again,

I am now 9 days post L4-5 microdiskectomy with lots of clean up from previous surgery 13 years ago.

Man oh man, I really don't remember being in this much pain, ever! I have a call into home care nurse who is supposed to be contacting NS. My right leg is in such spasm I can hardly stand it.

Meds I am on: Norco 10/325 mg 1 every 4 hours, Soma (muscle relaxer) 350mg every 6 hours, Ampitriptyline 25 mg once daily (I think it is a nerve med), Motrin 800 mg 3 times daily, Senakot 4 daily, plus my usual Paxil, Estradiol, and Xanax .5mg 3 times daily.

PT will be out tomorrow morning and home nurse might come out if she can get orders for some sort of pain shot. I can't sleep well, guess I am keeping hubby awake with me moaning alot.

Not sure why I am posting, just feeling very much the need to vent. I am depressed that every day the pain is worse and not better.

On a happy note, hubby surprised me with a new kitten. She is a 6 month old Marble Bengal and a real little love. We have a 2 year old male Spotted Bengal and are in love with the breed. She is already eating and knowing where the litter box is.

Can't think of any names yet. But her marbling has the shape of a perfect "O" and "K", can't come up with a name with those letters yet. Throw up some ideas if you can, about my pain and about names!