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I had my first epi injection on Monday. He did it to the left of L4/5. I must say, it was MUCH more painful than I thought it would be and I got a headache right after. By Tues, I was in horrible pain and called my Dr. I left a message and waited all day. At 2pm I called back and the nurse told me to just come in. Yippie...45 minute car ride. After seeing me for 2minutes, he told me I must have had an allergic reaction to "something". Ok. He put me on Neurontin and Ms Contin. By Tues night, i was getting shooting pains down my left leg. Wed morning my legs were all pins and needles. I called in to the office. No callback all Wed. By Thurs morning, the pain and numbness spread to my right leg. I call in again. No callback all day. So....here it is, Fri morning. I have constant pins and needles and creepy crawley feelings down both legs. There is a horrible stabbing/throbbing pain in my lower back. My left calf feels all crampy and my whole leg is weak. I have had less pain relief from the Ms Contin than I did from the Norco 10 I was taking before.

What do I do? Im miserable.I dont want to go to the ER...they act like pain is no big deal. Ive had maybe 5hrs of sleep since Sunday and cant eat. Is this typical of pain management Drs? Im at the end of my rope. :eek: