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It's a long story, I'll try to shortened it for you. I got hurt at work back in '03. I had to take workcomp to court because they refused my case. I wasted 2 years in court. I have 2 1/2 herniates disks and right leg pain. I now have developed a limp. I've been off work ever since and been seeing many doctors. I had a laminectomy/disectomy done a few months back. I now feel worse than ever before. I'm now seeing a pain management dr. who is trying to find a combonation of meds to try to help. I've been on morphine, vicodin, norco, gabapentin, ibuprofin, and others. I haven't found any relief in any of these meds. I honestly believe I cannot work in this condition. I really miss working and spending time with my friends. If I'm on my feet one day the next day I'm in bed. It's very frustrating but I think I've handled in well where I don't think I'm in need for antidepresents at the moment. I have done some research in attorneys who only handle ss cases. My workcomp attorney told me he can recomend someone as well. He was very good in court. He got me back pay and I'm under the old workcomp system. The judge in the case said he was very impressed with him. As you may know or not Gov. Arnold changed the workcomp system here. Thanks for your help