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First of all I would get an attorney. On a workman comp injury here in California they can't terminate you. I would request my attorney to find a doctor that the insurance company can agree on and go see him/her. I would get a neurosurgeon and have him refer me to a Pain Management doctor for some med's that can give you some relief. In California only certain Dr.'s can give out Class 2 drugs. The other's like the surgeon and GP can only give Class 3 (such as Vicodin, Norco). I would see about a MRI with contrast and the EMG, as you seem to have something going on with your nerves. They didn't give me a MRI with contrast, I went into the hospital for pain that was effecting me so bad I almost had a heart attack. While there, they did the one with contrast and found scar tissue around the pedicle screws and the cat scan/dye also showed small bone spurs at a different level than the fusion. (L4 to S1 fused in 2005) So the disc are not the only pain generators. W/C will try anything to get it out there that nothing is wrong with you. Just like the humming, Sorry that was mediation. I have Chronic Pain Syndrome and can't take the pill or patch form of any Class 2 drugs. When I get real bad, I go to the hospital and get a pain shot. Because of my respitory problems they give me oxygen and I usually feel pretty good. They do treat you like some junkie and act like you are there for the high. I don't care anymore. In California they have to treat the pain with med's. Whatever it takes. Just venting here. Having a bad pain day.
Hope you get some relief here real soon. Good Luck