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I had a two level anterior/postieror/lumbar fusion with donor and harvest bone graft. Hardware at the two levels. My surgery was 7 1/2 hrs with a 8 day stay. I am now 19 months out. My advise is to learn the morphine pump right away. I wasn't doing it right and wasn't getting anything from it. By the time I got it right, they took it away. LOL. Have a walker ready, they will get you up the day after surgery. I had surgery pain, but the leg pain and back pain from before surgery was basically gone. They wanted my meds down to a min. so the drugs would work in the hospital. In my case they didn't have to worry. I only take Norco. I tried oxy, methodone, Fentynal patch, morphine, and demerol. I am allergic to all oral class 2 drugs. I get either hives or worse. I have almost quit breathing and had my BP go way up and have spent two times in the hospital over drug reactions. Just have faith that ever thing will turn out o.k. Take care and keep us posted.