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After surgery, while still in the hospital I was given first the IV pump with morphine. Then they went to injections of Demerol. When released I was back on Norco. My surgeon has never wanted me on anything stronger than schedule 3 pain killers. I went to another doctor and got the stronger meds. Like I said, I am allergic to them to the point of hospitization. Surgery pain is going down in intensity everyday after the surgery. So real strong meds are only necessary there at the hospital. Chronic pain is something different. It is very difficult to treat with pain meds. Withdrawal from even Norco/Vicodin is hard. Back on the smoking thing. My doctor told me that people that smoke and quit just prior to spinal fusion surgery, have a better chance of fusion than a non-smoker (being someone who never smoked). He didn't know why this was. I don't think he would say this just try and get me to quit.