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Well, I made it home. I had a 2 level 360 fusion with hardware. I can honestly say I hurt. Man this is a tough surgery! Congrats to all who have had it. THe doc put me on Norco 1x every 6 hours. That doesn't seem to be enough. My pain is very bad. I still walk and do the things I was told to do ( I am a good patient) but the pain is more than I thought. I just took 2 Norco and that works much better. I will call my doc on Tuesday to ask if the Norco can be raised. Is this reasonable?
I had the same surgery in 2005. I am now 19 months post-op. I was taking norco 10/750 2 every 4 to 6 hours prior to surgery and they left me on the same perscription when I got out of the hospital. You have to remember that the second number is the Acetaminophen and you shouldn't take over 3000mg per day (24 hour period). It can cause liver damage. I now have been dropped off to (2) 10/350 every 6 hours because of the Acetaminophen. I still take meds because of complications that have occurred since the surgery. I hope your doctor can prescribe something to help with the pain. I remember that surgery pain. OUCH!!
Same surgery. L5-S1 and L4-5 with 6 screws. The Norco is 10/325. I find 2 manages the pain fairly well, but 1 seems to throw fuel on the fire. Thanks to all who responded. It helps a lot to have those in the know to give advice.
[QUOTE=Moldova;3011446]Flower, how are you doing today? are you a bit better i hope?

I am doing better today. The doc told me to take the Norcos and keep the pain down so I could keep walking and recovering well. This is the best day I've had since surgery. Had a BM so that was very good. All in all, I think I'm gonna make it through this thing and actually be happy I did it!:dizzy: