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Hi clover and pepper, thanks to you both for your responses. Wow I will be 32 tomorrow and dealing with all this, but you know what I am going to put all this behind me and get moving and try harder, it is no need for me to lay around in self pity, like my mom said i need to fight this, lose the weight do whatever i have to do. I am going to be determined. I hurt, but better, the duragesic patches are great and so is the norco without all the drowsiness. I talked to mom and dad this morn and finally came to the conclusion that i am going to move my house have to many memories of my x and i cant climb those stairs and i need to be closer to my parents. So I need to start packing before the discogram, i hope its not that bad. Thanks for the bithday wish clover and pepper thanks for your prayers, i thank you both for everything. Many cyber hugs((((((())))))))))))