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I have pain down both legs, buttock pain, numbness in saddle area, urinary retention and bowel retention. Most from fusion surgery in 2005. I am awaiting surgery to remove my hardware which has been painful from the beginning. The doctor pushed on the hardware last week at my appt. and now my hip and thigh hurts. I think the screw is near the nerve and causes all kinds of problems. The screw or scar tissue at the S1 area is causing a lot of nerve problems. I will be having a laminotomy at several levels. I also have severe back pain. I can only take Norco and flexeril. I tried Lyrica and nothing. I did gain a lot of weight from the Lyrica and the Predisone. I had a trial stimulator prior to surgery. It failed when a wire came loose. It does help the legs, but did nothing for my back pain. Check the thread on here from Shawley. He just had a permanent Spinal Stim. put in. Was the MRI you had with Dye? The dye will show more than with a regular MRI. It is basically a simple surgery to have the hardware removed. I hope you find a solution to your pain. Good Luck