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Okay, about a month ago today I had a procedure done on my lumbar spine called percutaneous lumbar decompression(discectomy) on L4-L5,L5-S1 disc which have herniations on both sides. They only did the left side. My pain management doctor did the procedure, where they take a large needle, insert it into the center of the disc and sort of extract the jelly-like material out to try to get the disc to relieve pressure off the nerve. "A simple but effective procedure" they said. I woke up rufly half way through the procedure and almost jumped off the table, I was only sadated to sleep through not put under. Now where I should have relief, It is worse than ever before. Plus I get these chills, like goosebumps regularly that run from my head to my toes. I dont know if that could be nerve damage or what but it is really bothersome and increase the pain. The PM doc wont even perscribe pain medication because he said its not good for you to be on norco medication for long periods of time. Which I think is rediculous and not right. I went to my family doctor to try and get some kind of relief, she could not while Im under his care. I am about ready to loose it,do I go back on my next appt. and tell him to take a flying leap get my MRI,discogram results,and all of my stuff and start over again? WHAT DO I DO??? Some insite or help would be greatly apprieciated.