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Most of you know my docs reccomened(sp) chiro for me, I also had the 3rd opinion from my surgeons pa prior to going. My first visit was last 2 weeks ago, I am not gonna lie I am terrified of these guys but I have used allof my resources with no helpin pain. The first visit ok, just questions, massage and tens. Yesterday was my second visit was painful, I told him to tell me everything he is doing and no manipulation. He did some type of deeptissie massage around the painful areas in my back, hip, buttocks and leg on the left side. I admit it hurt like heck I thought I was going to die and when he tried to reschedule me for 2 more times this week I cringed. Now guys funny thing is tat my sciatica is not that bad today, my back hurts more, but my leg is better, well at least for today. I do not want to get happy and be sick again tommorrow, it has happened before. I am jus wondering was it his hands and table or is it the new med morbic, its an antiinflammatory that I have taken 2 days in the row. But it did feel good to walk without the cane today, Lord I pray this last and that I wont need surgery next month.

My w/c thinks it may be piformis syndrome and it is squezzing the heck out of my sciatic nerve, the pm doc also thinks this too. They said even if I had a back injury the gaurding I was doing may have caused this. Now I am not completetly sold on this. Its just that it is entering its 9th month on w/c and they cant find a real reason for my severe pain and numbness of both toes. The pm doc said the leg pain is not r/t to my back. This all makes me confused esp. since I do have a back injury, all pm doc says its just a sprain nothing else. Well, my reports changes seriously, in dec emg normal, x ray showed mild rethro(only time it showed), and then mri showed 2 disk buldges at l/4 down diffuse, then ct in march shows nothing, then 2nd mri shows bigger buldge at l/5-s/1, mod ddd, artritis and surgeon the 2nd opionion one said I had tear somewhere I forget where. Then in June I had ct myelogram and it showed nada and then you all know what happened with the discogram I was to have in June I am too fat, Guys believe me I am not that huge, so I am still fighting to get that done. I have had countless inj, including trigger points and 3 esi, so until yest pain was severe all the time regradless of what med I was taking.

I am still on heavy meds duragesic 100mg, norco 10mg and some other meds including the mobic which they say has major side effects, nothing really to help with the sciatica. So I did not mean to rumble, I do not really know what to do. I have 6 more sessions with the chiro, I prob. will cont. as long as he does not do anything to hurt me.

You know what too, why would a surgeon do a surgery if nothing is wrong, My pm doc is mad and said do not have surgery its just a strain. I hate my w/c not the doc I see often but the whole thing that goes alng with it, I only can see docs within the network. My numbness and tingling has gotten worse since dec, I really want the discogram and another emg by a different doc. So tired of the game.