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Well! I had my appointment today. Still don't know crap. Ugh. They found a 2.5 CM cyst on my left ovary, which is probably the cause of my pelvic pain/cramping, but she said that would not cause my rib/flank pain, micro. hematuria, weight loss, etc. She said they normally pop or go away on their own so they will just watch it & have another ultrasound in 3 months. But because of the other symptoms, she is having me do a pelvic & abdominal CT scan with contrast & without. She gave me a new script for Norco (7.5/325) since I am taking so much of the vicodin (5/500) & all that tylenol with it is bad for your liver. She wants a bone scan because she said I could have a stress fracture & that wouldn't show up on the x-ray. She doesn't think the flank pain is my kidney because you barely touch it or lean back on it & it hurts. But it doesn't hurt when I take a deep breath. She said you really have to pound on your back to get the kidney to hurt. She felt my abdomen & said the spleen doesn't feel enlarged but it is in that area that is tender, I guess, or something like that. Still blood in the urine, she said the last test either the dip was a false positive or the person on the microscope just didn't see the tiny cells. So she sent it to the lab. She also was testing my urine for cancer, I can't remember what that test was called... I was there for about an hour. I really thought I would have this all figured out today, but no luck. I barely got out of the pharmacy after the appointment & I got a call on my cell from the doctor's office telling me of my CT scan tomorrow! I guess they wanted it done right away. The bone scan will be done next week. She said if nothing shows up they will want an MRI. But I have spent so much $ since I don't have insurance that I don't know if I will do an MRI. The CT scan should prove to my parents that I don't have cancer, and then they will feel better. From what I understand the MRI will show soft tissues & swelling & muscle issues. If that's what my problem is, I will just let whatever heal & deal with the pain, so I won't spend the $ on a MRI.

I'm trying to think of what else.... Hmmm... No leukemia. No Diabetes. No anemia. Thyroid was fine. X-rays were fine. So, I am still trying to figure it all out...