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Hi guys how are you doing? I was just checking in on you all and seeing how you are. For me things are continuing to move forward, this past week has been a busy one, looking for a new place and going on 2 field trips with my daughter, one at an amusement park, dont worry no more roller costers for me, which I dread i love them. I am almost pain free during the day, usually in the evening when I finally sit down I feel the pain, but like I said before I am not letting it get to me. I take the meds at night and thats it, will be weaning off the norco at night soon, and just take advil.

To answer some of your questions if I could recall them, yes I am on an anti deprresant, well make that 2 because one works for the nerve pain. No I am not going back to my x, I mean we talk from time to time, but I dont think I could ever forgive him, how he was not really there for me that much during the worse times. I am moving on with my life according to plan, I pray that I dont reinjure or anything, I will start the gym monday, I am scared though.

I miss you guys and just wanted to check in with you to let you know I am ok, where is clover? I know she was in the hospital, I wonder how she is feeling, I will try to read some other post to catch up on you all. Many hugs and thanks for your love and support...........Rachel:angel: