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Well, Well, Well.......today was interesting.

Quick History: s1/s2 fused 1982 without hardware, L5 Laminectomy May 2006, L5/s1 fusion February 2007, L4 diagnosis of herninated disc April 2007

My last appt. I felt my surgeon gave me the brush off.

My surgeon walks in and asked me how I was doing. I decided that this appt I was going to take a total different approach with him. I was going to give him specific examples of what I could do and what happens when I walk 1/4 mile and go into the pool. About how the pain increases as the day progresses. He then began asking me questions and said, we need another xray. He sent me over for those lovely flexion xrays. When they had me flex backwards, I about died. By the time I hobble back to the surgeons, he is like whats wrong. I told him about the flex backward and he looks at the xrays and said that when I bend L4 is getting clipped by the hardware on L5. He then said that he does not want to fuse L4 but L4 is not looking right. He is worried about doing to many fusions on my back in such a short span. He then said, I really want to inject L4 and L5. He will be doing it using versed and plans on going up thru L5 to L4 and be blocking the entire leg again. ;)

He then reiterated that he does not want me on meds. I looked at him and said, ughhhhhhh, then what am I supposed to do? I told him about the reaction from Neurotin and he said that with the reaction to elavil. He does not want me to even try any of the other nerve drugs. We chatted back and forth and he put me on norco 10-325. He does not feel that soma will do anything for me but if it helps with the pain to go ahead and take it.

He strongly feels that my pain is 100% mechanical and he does not feel my herniated disc is causing the pain.

I feel that at least he listened to me and did not blow me off totally. I don't think he will be prescribing meds for much longer which worries me.

What would you do? I am thinking I will let him do this injection and if the pain continues, I need a second opinion.

We also discussed the referral to the physiatrist and he said that I should go ahead and move on it. So I guess I will be calling my doctor and setting that up.
Thanks Baybreeze. I am thinking I will give this norco a chance a couple of days but I took my first dose and it did nothing for me at all. I am suppose to take 1 every 12 hours. If I get no relief, I am calling my primary and asking for a pm or for them to start prescribing. This is getting ridiculous.

My doctor told me that he is concerned about me being on pain meds for so long and that eventually it will just quit working for me and I will need something stronger.

I personally think this injection is worthless but I am desperate to try to find relief and feel that I have to try something. I am also wondering if this block is being used for diagnostic purposes again.

Hubby and I talked tonight and we are thinking if he suggests any type of surgery that I definitely need another opinion especially if it involves removing any hardware.