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Hi gang! Pepper you are right, all of us are experiencing the same problems, its like histoy repeating itself, how unfair! I am waiting to talk to the neuro surgeon, because they say its possible piriformis and I dont think they deal with that, not sure. But, I tell you this, went to target yesterday with my play sis and was dying in pain from lower back to toes, almost in tears, felt like my leg locked up. The pain has not eased up one bit, I have taken the meds that were prescribed from before, the norco and 800mg motrin, nothing helps. If I stand, sit, move anything I feel bad pain. Not quite sure what to do at this moment, dont want to go to er, what can they do, but I wonder did I reinjure myself or something, its no way I should be feeling this bad. Thank you all for your concern and caring words as well as prayers, I cont. to keep you all in my prayers also. I see the chiro tomorrow now I dont know what he can do. Looks like I wont be back at the gym for a while and me wanted to go back to work next week, forget it, its almost impossible. I just cant believe this mess, too tired already. Are there docs out there that specialize in this so called syndrome, I cant live with this pain, I feel like I can shoot my leg off, I know that is extreme but thats how I feel. Sorry i am so neg. at the moment, I pray tomorrow will bring on a better day.