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Pepper , I didn't bother asking him , my old PM Dr. is going to keep refilling my Norco because I'm not telling him I got injections from another Dr. I really don't want to push the issue anymore .:( I'll keep both Dr.'s so I have treatments and meds . Norco will have to do I guess ..

It is good news he is comming around to help .. I like him alot . He filled out my form so I can hunt with a crossbow if I get out.

How are you doing ? I hope you gal's start feeling better , it stinks to be in pain all the time .

Thanks , yeah I'm happy he is sticking around for a while . As of now I don't think I'll need my med's raised either , good thing cause I still haven't found a Dr. to do that for me...Norco should do . Just don't like the idea of what it can do to my liver after long term use .

Hope you all are feeling better .
That is wonderful news. The best I have heard in a while. I also take norco. My Dr said as long as I take no more than 2 every 4-6 hours the liver is ok.

Gosh I sure hope this new treatment helps you.
Thanks Lisa , I'm not a good dancer either .;) Hope your feeling well today.

Clover - How are you doing ? I haven't seen you around for a while . yeah the Norco is ok , I'm only supposed to take 3 a day , 4 a day would be better but I'm done complaining to the idiot Dr. I have ..I'm glad this new Dr. gave me the injections , now my surgeon is sending me for Prolo and maybe this will help even more eh ? Thanks for posting to me it's been a while.