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Have you had any MRI's with contrast since your surgery? Or any emg's or Myelograms? I had the same surgery over 2 years ago. I now need a second surgery to remove hardware and also some work on the nerve canals that weren't completed during the original surgery because of time. My surgery was close to 8 hours. I also have scar tissue issues, but it is not the main cause of the pain per my surgeon. I started having pain at less than 2 months post op and it has continued to increase. My surgery was noted as a failed spinal surgery at one year. I have been through PT and a 10 week pain management session that has not brought me anywhere closer to a resolve from the never ending pain. I think you should get some other opinions from doctors outside the group you are associated with. Tell the new doctor your symptoms and see if he/she can give you an unbiased opinion. I had a spinal stimulator trial prior to surgery and I felt it only helped my legs some and the drugs only lead to more drugs and depression. I take Norco 10/350 (2) tabs every 4 hours and only get a few hours of relief because I go out for those couple of hours. I have very little reflex in my ankles and limited motion when it comes to bending. Get that second or third opinion. Good luck