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I take Excedrin for the headaches. I have to back off my Norco because of the Acetaminophen. Run it by your doctor as it also has Aspirin in it. I found only Aspirin will touch my headaches. My doctor said it was O.K. as long as I only took one dose and if it didn't work, then forget it. It can hinder the fusion process.
Make sure you also take B-complex and lots of soy the surgeon said it has lots of protein. I should ask, do you suffer from Chronic headaches? If so you can ask about Topamax which from what I've read here is also good for nerve pain control! It works on the nervous system obviously. I suffer from Migraines often and I use the Topamax daily and for the tougher headaches, Amerge. This stuff works like magic and I can take it with my meds, Norco, dilaudid, Neurontin and the Topamax. Ask your doctor and if your a chronic sufferer I would ask to see a Neurologist.
Good luck and hope you feel better.