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I went to a pain management/detox clinic at the beginning of the year. I was there 10 weeks. They tested me for CRPS/RSD. By testing I mean a complete physical exam for it. I show signs of it, but it is believed that my physical pain is coming from the hardware/nerve entrapment in the surgical area. There were people there with this disease. It is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Old name is Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. The type II is where a nerve was injuried and just takes on a life of it's own. It causes pain and travels around the body. They are trying to identify what is going on. At this time it has no real treatment or cure. Your body can change temperatures in some areas. You swell and excessively sweat. Your skin can change colors. I have edema in my feet and they turn colors also. I also sweat or turn cold. They think that this is coming from either my heart (condition I got from the back pain) or from the meds.(opiate use). That I don't have CRPS.
CES is Cauda Equina Syndrome. This is where a nerve root is compressed and has loss of function. This my doctor denies that I have. Cauda Equina is the Horses Tail. The spinal cord ends around T12-L1 and it separates more or less into severe nerves coming down. One of the symptoms is bladder/bowel retention. This is what I was thinking I had when I went for the Myelogram. My big mistake. Now my surgeon thinks this is possibly the cause of the ARC. I later found there are Sphincter problems in both the bladder and bowel from a nerve compression. I was told for over a year that the pain or meds cause all my problems.
Did you start having heart problems after the surgery? I know mine can be related to opiate use. If I go to strong meds like Oxycotin, Methodone, or Morphine. Even with high doses of Vicodin or Norco. It starts with the breathing and goes into real high blood pressure. I started with the swelling and BP problems after the EPI's.
I hope in your case they can do something for you. Just to help with the pain. Can you take the injections that Shawley had? Or would it be to close to the ARC area? There has to be something they can do for you! Don't give up hope. That's what keeps us going. They think the ARC came from the fusion surgery?