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Have you had a MRI w/contrast done? I have had severe pain since I was 3-4 months post op from a 2 level fusion. L4-S1. (9/2005) In July 2006 I had the MRI done. It shows scar tissue in those areas and a few areas where the nerves are entrapped. The EMG that was done shows even more regarding the S1 nerve. Per the information I have received the S1 can swell after surgery. It can come in contact with the pedicle screw. Don't know if this is going on or not. I am now over 2 years post-op and believed to be fused solid. I am awaiting a surgery to remove the hardware and do a foraminotomy at the L4,L5, and S1 levels to relieve any pressure on these nerves. My surgeon has informed me that he was unable to do this during the surgery because of the hardware being placed there. Now he will be able to set these nerves free. Hoping for the best from this surgery. The pain is chronic and is 24/7. They have tried Lyrica. Nothing. I have some scar tissue, but my surgeon said that is normal, that there are issues beyond some scar tissue. I have pain from the lower back, buttock, and down to my feet. I have also done the PT route and nothing helped with that either. The Norco help for about 2 hours. Meds aren't the answer for me. I hope you get some resolve soon. Let us know how it goes.