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Have you seen a spinal specialist? You sound like you have issues that they are not finding. Make sure the MRI's use contrast dye. Have they done a EMG nerve test? I can't take class II drugs. I tried, but develope breathing problems that results in 6 day stays in the hospital. I have tried oxycotin, Methadone, morphine and morphine patch. Can't take them. I take Norco, the top of the class III list. Doesn't even touch the pain. I would say the oxycotin was the best, but was only on it two days and the side effects took over. I know what it is to be in pain and they look at you like you are crazy or worse yet, drug seeking:mad: Just keep seeking the solution for your pain and condition. It can take time to find that right doctor, that says here is your source of that pain. Good luck