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Hi Lorie,
yes sounds like we at that point.the neurontin is at 300mg.but why after this surgery so many still on narcotics?my brother's friend had it done last march and she said was the worse surgery she ever endured,and still on pain meds.when the nerve pain comes about 2 to 3 weeks,is it that sciatic pain or basically burning etc?you had fusions but still in pain,that not good either.is neurontin a narcotic?or flexirel?I take both plus as needed the norco for pain.see my problem is i had two different opinions on surgery,that what confuses me,first neuro told me need fusion with bone graft,pins etc,my other surgeon who did me in 95,says i need some bone removed to free the nerves and 99 percent i don't need a fusion,but he doesn't do fusions or use hardware cause it causes trouble down the road.So I'm trying to figure if he had to stable the spine what the heck is he going to use?or he have another doctor in with him?he never went over alot of stuff.so I don't know really what to do,WC will not allow a 3rd opinion,I tell ya lorie I wish it was all over,I'm just tired,tired of living.its one thing its another.
sneezing and coughing not good on back either.I'm not sure how heck you log roll,my aunt couldn't do it at all.I know those meds can bind you up too.I was declared failed back by one doctor.And I had to see an independent of WC,wasn't for him I would never got the treatment,he one told WC I need to continue with PM.He also told me very dangerous to fool around with fusions.nice to hear,real encouraging.he said bone graft should be my least worry.too bad you weren't near me,I be happy to have helped you.yes the neuro guy told me 2 weeks in hospital,and I wouldn't fuse due to slightly over weight.