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Janart, let's see I've been on Topomax, Zoloft, for 2 yrs., was on Depakote with those. Stopped Depakote in November. Started Seroquel @ 100 mg.

I'm now up to 450 mg Seroquel, 75 mg Topomax, 50 mg Zoloft, Ambien CR 12.5mg, Sonata 10mg and the starter pack of Lamictal as of Monday.

My other meds are: Fentanyl patch 50 mcg/48 hrs.
Premarin .09mg/day
Singulair 10mg/day
Ultram 150mg/day
Vitamin D 1000IU/day
Norco 10/325 PRN BT pain
Advil 1200mg/Day

So this is why I have a Psychiatris who does nothing but manage my meds, becasue someone has to keep up with all these, and my brain is not always able to.