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Thanks, Sammy. I have been following your threads lately, and I can honestly say you are in my prayers. I believe, as you said, that your pain is being undertreated, and I pray that your new PM doc will take over and pleasantly surprise you with his level of compassion and understanding. ;) I believe, about the Norco question, that others (I know I have) taken 1-2 every 4 hours...even the 10mg strength. And I know it is often prescribed with Skelaxin. So, I'd take the Norco and the Skelaxin and try to relax if you can. Since the Norco and the Vicodin are both the same generic (hydro) with differing levels of Tylenol (APAP), you could take either one. This is just my opinion, but I believe it might help. (((hugs)))

And hugs to you, too, Fred. (((hugs))) I am sorry that I fussed, and I hope we can continue our "online buddyhood".

God bless all.