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cmp, I just put a thread up, my surgeon released my with recommendation to PM but no more meds. I am sick. Why would he do that? I can't figure it out. I did call & ask for a Muscle relaxer if he gave me my pain scipt, but he knew I was already on one, flexerril & heck I can barely take it. I just don't get it at all. I have enough meds to last till monday morning if I stretch it. He knew I was still in pain & knew I was fearful of this, at least I thought he knew. Now what do I do? Not only pain but what about withdrawls? I am so d*** responsable & look, especially after his assistant told me I should not have to be in that kind of pain. I could not even call the PMs he recommended because they were not in. I put all this in my other thread, sorry, I am just so afraid. Why would any doctor do this, I went through so much the other day with pain without the perc.
I am suffering so much this past week, god I am in so much pain, & this guy does this.
I have Norco & Muscle relaxers, a few, I don't know what to do, if I take something else wont the new PM get upset or not trust me? Heck what a mess. I don't know if I can worry like this all the time, I think it would be enough to loose your mind. What do you think? Sammy