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Hi TexMom, I take Neurontion for nerve pain associated with RSD which is a very painful nerve condition due to nerve damage. I started out taking 900 mg four years ago I am now on the maxium dose of 3600 mg a day. I can also tell if I don't take it as well. Also I've never suffer any real side effects from the Neurontion like weight gain or being spaced out as well. I tried Lyrica one time but it didn't do nothing for me so I stuck with the Neurontion which has been a real life saver for me. I also don't take no real strong narcotics all I take is Norco for the pain which so far has worked well with the combination of the high dose of Neurontin. Maybe all you need is an increase because 600 mg is low dose so maybe you should discuss this with your doctor on your next visit.