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Well, I made it through the 'first' real trail with out any booze. The first couple of hours at the party were comsumed with me thinking about consuming. Very hard to eat mud bugs without a frosty - but I did it. I'm 38 and that had to be the first party I have been to in over 20 years where I did not have my fair share of cocktails.

Funny thing happend though. I have still had money in my pocket this morning, no hangover and my sinuses are not clogged up from the hops, barley and yeast.

This is also the longest I can rememebr going with out any alcohol (day 5). I have also had time to reflect over the past 5 days; I had indeed turned to alcohol for relief from my 24/7 severe muscle spasm/cramps, varing forms of sever pain and of course the all too common lack of any decent sleep. -I think I kept telling myself the side effects of the booze was worth the temporary relief even though I take around 90 10/325mg of Norco a month.
It has also been 5 days since I have had a bowl movment though -- I wish I could remember what my grandmother took.
Any suggestions? - thanks for the replies. I have never participated in any sort of format like this. It is nice being able to be frank without the worry of judgment from co-workers - thanks again - chuck P