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Went to Dr. Duh's office today . I ask him if he could prescribe a smaller dose med that I can take every 6 hours instead of a stronger one every 8 and he said NO. I explained to him I did not want a stronger med just one I could take every 6 hours as needed.. But he insisted I keep taken the Norco 10MG every 8 hours.. I even told him about the time he offered me morphine 30 MG for pain and I refused it because I didn't want the addictions they gave me before and he said he never offered me them before,, ! What a Liar ! He did offer me MsContin and now he's saying he didn't.. He also told me if I think he's not doing enough for me to find another Dr.. I really felt like he he don't want to help me.. Even his nurse was shocked the way he treated me.. she told me she would find another Dr. But I explained I had a hard time finding this Dr. for pain and there is no other Dr. who will treat me .
No I have no prior drug problems.. This isn't fair .. I know a man who see's the same Dr. this guy gets back spasms and the Dr. gives him 60MG Morphine and Norco,, Now remember I do not want morphine.. Just something with longer lasting relief.. Life isn't fair.. Daddy was right when he told me this .