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I agree about a pain specialist (PM Doc).

How do you expect your shrink to react to your getting Norco from your GP?

In the PM world, getting narcotics from another source is grounds for termination of treatment. I can't speak to drug seeking, but it's clear you need better pain management. And it should come from one doc, preferably a PM doc.

I have found that opioids do not help my headaches. I've had migraines since I was a teen, and I'm now 52. And I've tried everything. I found two treatments that work. One was from a visit to a chiropractor that used a device kinda like a tuning fork (can't recall the name). He applied it to my head, forward and below my left ear in the jaw joint area. Got this treatment a few times and my migraines went from daily to 3-4 per week. In my mind that was miraculous. Then I found Imitrex Statdose. The only time the Imitrex doesn't work is if I'm suffering a pre-cold virus migraine. I found that the narcotics caused rebound headaches and eventually could no longer use them for headaches.

About the drug seeking comment from your therapist - you allowed that she may be right. Only you know if you have a drug problem. If you do, then you need treatment for that before taking another step towards pain management. The very last thing you want to do is feed an addiction with increasing narcotics. The depths from which you will be forced to recover will make your search for pain relief look like a piece of cake. Why does your shrink have your sister dealing out your percocets?

If you are drug seeking purely for pain relief, there's a name for that - pseudo addiction. It's real and it happens too often when docs under-treat pain. Again, the solution is to get into PM.

Please make sure that one doctor manages your use of narcotic meds. You should not be using norcos from one doc according to one set of instructions and then using percocet from another doc with another set of instructions. In addition, you should be getting all of your narcotics from one pharmacy. Prescriptions for strong narcotics are tracked and patients getting them from more than one pharmacy are subject to investigation, as are the pharmacies and prescribing doctors. Do yourself a favor and use one pharmacy.

I do hope you can find relief for these unending migraines. I know what it's like to get them daily for years because I suffered the same thing. It makes you crazy and willing to do anything to get relief. And I really hope you can find it. Try a PM doc if you can.


Here is what I replied to your post on the BiPolar Board....

I am a Chronic Pain patient as well as BiPolar and PTSD, Cluster Migraines and a Seizure Disorder. I'm on Fentanyl 50mcg every 48 hrs as well as Ultram 200mg/day, and Norco 10/325mg for BT pain. I also take Topomax 100mg, Lamictal 200mg, Seroquel 450mg, Zoloft 50mg, Neurontin 600 mg and Singulair 10 mg. I also use Axert for onset Migraines. So I as well am on tons of meds but have never had a problem with my pain meds affecting my BP meds.

I don't know if this will help you or not, but if it can here it is.
[QUOTE=Executor;3634385]I would agree. I don't mean to be repetitive, but I think moving from 40 Percs per month to the patch is too big a jump. It's really not necessary @ this point. In PM, you have to leave room in the playbook for future regimens. While the patch is a great med (Steve will attest that I'm one of its biggest supporters), it's not appropriate @ this time. Additionally, with the heat of the summer @ full swing and nearing it's peak, now is not the time to start. As the adage goes "timing is everything" and now is not the time.

Just my .02. Good luck.



You know something, you are probably right. I have never been truly convinced that the patch was right for me, but after reading more of your posts I am starting to lean the other way. You keep bringing up the 40 percocets a month. Matter of fact you said in one of your posts that going from 40 percocets a month to the patch is like going from a pistol to a rocket launcher. If you are going to use comparisons when referring to my situation at least get it right. I think it more like going from a water pistol to a rocket launcher. As you may remember or not I stated in one of my post that my primary care physician was prescribing me 60 Norco(but not to be used on the same day as the percocet), with the instruction of taking 2 every 4 hours. I wouldn't said that dosage makes me pain free, but it does feel better than before the medicine. Okay, that's 8 pills a day, that will take care of 7 and one half days. So I am back to what my psychiatrist prescribes for me...40 percocets a month. Remember the distribution schedule...2 on Monday, 1 on Tuesday, none on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday, none on Friday, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. So we are back to the water pistol. You stated that the patch was too big of a jump. So according to your logic, what in your opinion would be the best next step. Do we increase the percocet to 200 - 240 a month, let's not forget the medicines I am on for my bipolar disorder and some other minor problems...Albuterol--two puffs every 4 hours, Amitriptyline--1 tablet every Monday and Thursday, Aspirin--1...81mg daily(my PCP thought it would be good for my heart), Clonazepam--1mg @ 8:00am, 1mg @ 2:00 pm, 2mg @ bedtime(my psychiatrist is going to change this to something stronger and once I start taking it, I will have to have a blood test every week for the next six months), Crestor 40mg @ bedtime, Depakote Sprinkles--125mg @ 8:00, 125mg @2:00 pm, 500mg @ bedtime, Folic Acid--1mg daily, Nadolol--20mg daily, Percocet--9 weekly, Promethazine--25mg three times daily, Seroquel--400mg @ 8:00 am, 400mg @ 2:00pm, 800mg @ bedtime. If you would increase the percocet to 200 - 240 a month, bye, bye liver. That would be good thinking. Let's start another problem, a possible irreversible prolem with my liver. Executor you stated "as the adage goes, timing is everything", here is another one for you..."I feel so bad, I would have to get better to die".

Have you considered that what I have been through with my headaches, my bipolar disorder and especially over the last 8 to 10 months with arthritis popping up all over by body(especially my knees, my primary care physician told me that I couldn't even take a walk for exercise because of my knees that it would probably cause me to have some painful shin splints and that exactly what happened when I went for a short walk), that maybe I have missed my opportunity to work my way up the medicine chain because my pain management was so screwed up from the beginning that maybe my only option is to go straight to the rocket launcher.

I know this is very harsh and I apologize, but I have been up since 4:00am and my body feels like a giant nerve and someone is stepping all over it. I know I probably sound angry but it's just frustration and once again I apologize for venting on this board. I really hurt and I have no percocet. Why?, because there was a mix up at my doctor's office. He was on vacation last month and I didn't have a appointment with him, so no script. I called his office on Tuesday and informed them I would need more pain meds by the end of the week. His secretary informed me that they knew and that my doctor had already wrote the prescription and they would put it in the mail. When it didn't come Thursday I called his office again and was informed it was put in the mail on Thursday...can you believe that?

I have vented to much and I hope that my new found friends are not upset with me. By the way the big meeting is set for Thursday. My psychiatrist will be there, so will my therapist along with my sister, deciding my future in pain management.

Any advice or options you guys think I should try to push on Thursday would be greatly appreciated!!! I probably will not post anymore because I made such a fool of myself. So thank you for all your help.



Please excuse my stupidity if I've gotten off cue here, I've tried to follow along. Am I correct in that you're Psychiatrist is prescribing your pain meds? I only ask because as a BiPolar patient myself on Lamictal, Seroquel, Zoloft, Neurontin, and Topomax...my Psychiatrist would never think of prescribing my pain meds. He does keep in touch with my other docs to make sure all my meds play nicely with each other, but that's the only involvement he has in my pain management. I have a pain managment doc that does that and I'm on the Fentanyl patch 50mcg/48 hr, ultram 150mg/day and norco 10/325 prn for BT pain. I also see a Psychologist for therapy, a Neurologist for Cluster Migraines for which I take Axert and a Seizure Disorder, Urologist for Kidney Stones, and a GP for IBS and Allergies...my other general meds are Singulair and Premarin. So like you I have quite a laundry list...but appropriate docs for appropriate conditions. Once again if I'm wrong in my assumption please disregard the question, as I do not wish to add to your frustration.