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Please advice:
did anybody used this med. and got help for severe pain? I was on Percocet, Morphine, Fentanyl patch, Deiludin (sp), Oxy as LA and Oxycodone.

I need to make some changes and not sure about Norco - anybody has anything to say about it?

Thank you in advance
Hey Moldova....."Norco" is usually the generic term for Hydrocodone with Tylenol. Comes in 5mg, 7.5, and 10mg. The brand equivalent is Lorcet, Lortab, or Vicodin. The difference is the amt of Tylenol.

All of the above are a significant step down from the meds you list.

Thank you so much!
You mean Norco is less powerful, am I right? I just trying to figure it out: what to take which is less damaging to my liver. Between Vytorin and Tylenol in Percocet and Oxycodone makes bitter taste in my mouth 24/7.
My GP says that this is due to much meds for my liver and he suggests to talk to my PM about meds with less Tylenol..

What about Methadone?

Very confusing, please help!!!!
I took Norco or about 1 year before moving up to Percocet 10 mg. I took Norco 10/325. I found it to be a decent pain reliever which, or me, lasted longer than the pecocets do. In fact, I have been thinking of asking for a switch from 3 x 10mg/325 Percocet daily to 4 x 10/325 Norco daily. They just seem to provide longer relief for me, eg 3 hours versus the 1-2 hours percocet provide to me.

That said, I have never been on a LA med. I do take valium 10mg x 2 daily and an occasonal muscle relaxant.

Good luck - would you use the Norco for break through pain? A friend of mine in long term pain management has had the opposite effect re Norco - she cannot find relief using it.

Good luck Moldova.

My doc put me on Norco because it has far less tylenol than other similar drugs, and I have kidney/liver problems. I am also on 50mcg Fentanyl patch, so I use Ultram 200mg/day and Norco 10/325 for BT pain and it works for me.
Norco is a good pain reliever. its a little stronger than vicadin ES and it does have less tylenol in it but its not a good med for CP, as its really short acting. I guess it would be good as a B/T medication but not for a day in and day our medication to take around the clock. even though it has less tylenol in it than vicadon it still has plenty and this isn't good for your liver if your concenred about that which you seem to be so its not the best choice if you have liver issues.

I just had my liver checked and its perfect but I don't take anything with tyleonol in it.

Its a step down from all of the meds you have listed, even a step down from percocet so I am curious why you mention this ,is your Dr taking you off all your pain meds and offering you this? If so he must have his reasons, so go ahead and ask him why he chose this med for you. it only last about hours for pain relief but its good stuff.

Norco is the same med as vicodin but with a little less acetemenophen....I think you have just built a tolerance to all of the meds through out your experience with opiats.. Methadone actually blocks your opiat receptors in you brain that is why they give it to herion addicts..I think you have three different receptors in your brain and every opiate medication bonds differently. Unless there is something wrong with your liver I would stay on the cycle you are taking now...nothing is going to be as strong as fentynl so what ever you take you are either going to have to double up or go through withdrawls..Sorry about the spelling....

Good luck and let us know what happens...

Moldova, I have read through some of the posts & it really seems everyone truely reacts different. I took the norco & got no relief at all. Even when I attempted 1 1/2, that was when I ran out of my peroc. and could not get a hold of my surgeon. I just got 0 relief. Yet I have talked to people who have some pretty nasty pain & say the norco helps. I would be abit fearful of being left with just the norco to treat any severe pain. You have some great advice & It actually answered a question I had also. I was concerned about staying on peroc for to long, although I dont take over four aday you never know. Good luck & please let us know what you do end up taking. Sammy