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I have had my PM Doc take my meds away and watch him flush them down the toilet I was on MSIR 30mg and he wanted to put me back on Percs 10/352. The reason he told me was, he wanted to make sure I wasn't taking too much as a norcotic. I still wish he would have let me keep, as like you I paid for them . But this was and is his policy.
I had a doc here a few years back ask my to bring in my meds that I couldnt take. It was dilaudid. I said fine and took them in and asked what they would do with them. the nurse said they destroy them, and it was protocol to have pts bring in meds that didnt agree with them. He was arrested and is in jail now for giving out med cards for patients to grow their own pot, and they were supplying him with the pot in exahange. Also now I know what he did with my meds. I cant stand the jerk and I hope he gets his in the end. [no pun intended]
Anyway, my doc now has never ever asked for any meds back, even when I have volunteered once when i first started out with him to show him I was compliant. If I have any problems with anything, he tells me to hang onto them in case of emergency or another family member may need for emergency. Ive only kept one script for Norco, and I cant take them because of the yellow dye. Ill blow up like a balloon with hives.