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very long story short.... i'm switching from vicodin 5/500
to norco 7.5/325 i'm scared i can't take any geniric meds i have bad reaction to the binders the only genirc i can take is mirlax thank god!! any way i'm very scared to make the switch any one with expierince with this? i have to switch tonight
Its not a big jump at all, so no need to be so scared. your not going up to a huge dose and norco is pretty minimal of a pain reliever in my opinion. I would think since your pain is so chronic that a long acting medication would be a better option for you. Like oxycontin or something in the morphine family would be a better medication. Norco has tylenol in it and long term this med is not good for your liver. It would be better suited as a break through med than to rely on this for your CP relief.

All you can do is try the meidcation and see how your body reacts to it. I took it for awhile after my back surgery but it became in effective very quickly and I needed more and more of it to achieve the same pain relief. it will only last about 4-5 hours and than you will need more and more of it.

keep us posted on how it does for you, I hope it works and your able to handle the increase but its not a huge increase so I wouldn't worry to much its still hydrocodone, its just stronger than vicadin 5/500 which is a very weak med for people in huge amounts of pain like yourself.
If you have a problem with fillers and other stuff in the generics, then you could request Brand only on the Norco 7.5/325. Of course this is a different manufacturer than the Vicoden 5/500 but hopefully you will be alright with brand meds. If you get generic, especially the the Mallincradt generic, you could definitely have problems. I had alot of headaches when I was on the Mallincradt generic of Vicodin.

thanks izzy!! i'm not sure what binders i'm excatly allergic to how do you tell? i just know if its geniric i cannot take it some brands but for sure the genrics how can you figure out excatly what it is??
well my hubby got my vicodin back come to find out why every one at the dr is treating me bad is he "flaged my chart so no other dr is aloud to help me w/ my meds not even his coleg!!i have never ever miss used any of these meds!! and had that stupid si injection that left me with waves of awful pain... and he is gone for 2 weeks ..i am now on a new dr search just what i want to do while in pain but i need to while i have meds and can even talk..i think my hubby and i are going to write the history of my injury out and so when we are tring to find a dr we can hand it to them and then talk about the present prob. get a copy of the pm dr recommendations etc..thank god i got my old meds back they don't really work well but it is way better then the norco for me...i'm also increaseing my ant-dep. this weekend my physctrist wants me to its suppose to help w/ pain effexor xr

thanks! my brain is starting to feel a tiny bit better getting back on the vicodin that norco made my brian feel off..
i live in spokane my pain managment dr jones he is in seattle... so he can't prescrib for me we live to far but he said that he would make recomandations for me and i can come in if i need any treatmnts and he would do them ...
i might pick our brain in the next few weeks hope you don't mind...
Hi Lady, hope all is going well for you. Norco is a brand name and the active ingredient is hydrocodone. Usually norco has more hydro and less tylenol. Hope this works well for you and helps you to have more pain free days. I'll be prayin for ya:angel: JoJo