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Hey Amanda~
I just saw your post. I have'nt been online much today. Im hoping you are at the ER, and hopfully your man is with you. I think that men can be a great attribute for you when you are not getting anywhere with these dumb docs. At least my man pulls the big guns out and my doc doesn't even blink when my hubby is in there.
I have only taken him once, and I hope I dont have to again.
I hope you are getting some answers and relief. Ill be dying to know where you are and what has happened, so Ill be checking back every chance I can.
Im so sorry you are going through all of this crap. If I really wrote what I want to say, I would be banned for life.
Stay tight, and remember that we are all with you in spirit. I know you feel like giving up, and that no one is helping you, but you are such a super person that you will get what you need. Im just sick that this is happening to you.
Hang in there Amanda...I hope you can throw all of the fears about going to the ER and getting the help you need and not worry about anything but getting your condition under control.
I had cysts for EVER, and I could take a handful of Norco every hour and it wouldnt touch it. I also had a woman doc who was clueless, and I almost bit the big one because of a rupture. I went to another town and they did surgery on me that morning. [i had gone in at about 3 am.] I hadnt been able to eat for 3 days and had only had tiny sips of water. I had a partial hyst, and it was hell, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me.
I know you are wanting kiddos, so thats not going to be an option for you.
I just want you to know that Im here for you, and Ill be checking in every 15 mins or so to see if there is any update...
We are here for you girl...and we love you like family.