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Are you sure it is vicodin? The reason I ask is that to my knowledge vicodin does not come in a 5/325 combination. There is a medication called Norco that has the same active ingredient (hydrocodone), and 325 of tylenol, but I only know of a 10mg pill. I may be wrong, but check your script and let us know.

If it is oxycodone instead of hydrocodone, your options are better. I am currently taking oxycodone without tylenol due to increased pain and taking the max amount of tylenol in percocet that I am already taking. It comes in many strengths, including 5 mg. I would discuss this with your doctor.

As I had posted earlier, I would also stop all use of over the counter meds for a significant amount of time to eliminate any other causes of your rebound headaches. Another option is a headache specialist. Either way, I hope you get some relief very soon!

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That sounds like Norco not Vicodin...I take the same thing for breakthrough pain, normally it comes in a 10mg formula, but I've had it in a 5mg before. Docs usually give this because it has less tylenol than the other Hydro meds. Mallincr is also the maker of the Norco I take, I just looked on the bottle.