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I ran into the same problem when my insurance ended. I could not afford Oxy and had to go with methadone. I can only speak for myself and do not want to dissuade others from trying it, but it hasnt worked all that well for me. Pain relief is so so and the side effects are much worse. It really messes with my sleep patterns, wipes out all my energy and makes me sweat profusely.

I have been on PM meds for nearly five years and Oxy was by far the best med. I have tried Kadian and Avinza but found I need too much BT meds. Oxy seemed to be the middle ground between SA meds like Norco and LA meds like Kadian. I also was on Fentanyl patch and I just had to hard of a time with my skin and the patch. The patch itself wouldn't stay on and the bioclusive covering caused me to rash really bad.

I pray for all of us in the same position that someday they will allow generic Oxy. Who can afford $100's of dollars each month when they are on a fixed income? Doesn't make sense.