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I've been taking pain meds for 2.5 years. Up until 6 months ago I was only taking 7.5 Norco 1 four times a day and had no issues that one would see from low testosterone. Six months ago the pain started getting a lot worse so I was put on the patch and about 1.5 months of using the patch I was put on Oxycontin (taking 30mg four times a day right now). For the last 6 months I've had almost zero sex drive. I've started become more and more depressed and I have very little motivation for doing anything fun. I'm going to be seeing my doctor in August to try and work out what's going on but I think it has to do with low testosterone. Now this could also be because of the pain getting worse but the pain meds work well enough to kill most of that but I still have the symptoms.