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Izzy, thank you so much for this informative post. I have always been interested in compounded meds. Before I found my current pain doctor, I used to get hydrocodone compounded 15/100 -- meaning, of course, it had 15 mg of hydrocodone and 100 mg of APAP (tylenol). It worked SO WELL -- WAY better than Norco (10/325) even at the same dose (30 mg dose).

I really don't know if my doctor is open to compounding. Being a pain management patient who is pretty lucky (finally) to have a good doctor and what most would consider "high" doses of Schedule II pain meds (methadone and Roxicodone) I am loathe to rock the boat. But I just remember how well those compounded hydrocodone worked for pain, and I wish I could get THAT for breakthru instead of the Roxicodone. Oxycodone works ok, but if I could get hydrocodone without the tylenol it would be better for me. I've also wondered about hydromorphone (Dilaudid), but I've heard so many times that it does not work well as an oral med due to very poor oral bioavailability (like 10%).

Maybe I will ask my doctor next time. The methadone works great for long-acting med, but I wish I could get something more effective for breakthru pain.

Which brings me to you Steve -- I'm so glad you posted here too. I would love to know what kind of outcome you have. Do you know if you will get Fentora or Oxycodone? Or is it blind? But it wonder if it could be blind since the medication is taken in different ways (one gets released into the oral mucosa and the other swallowed, right?) Please tell us what you can. Also, how do you get in the study? Did you read about it somewhere or is your doctor running it?

And I'd love to know what anyone else who's on methadone has used for a breakthru med, but I should probably start my own thread for that.

Thanks all,