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I just had an increase from my PM from Vicodin to Norco and the Norco is manufactured by..... guess who? This is the first time I've had one of their products prescribed and I am not impressed.

I have not felt ANY increase in breakthrough pain control. If anything, I have been taking my full number of allowable BT the past week. This should not be the case with a dose increase.

I will be researching other pharm companies to see if anyone else makes Norco and if they do (Please, God!) I'll be asking my pharmacy to stock them from now on.

Watson does make a generic of Norco. When I used it years ago (before PM), I couldn't tell the difference between the Watson generic and the Norco brand. They are even the same size and color....yellow. I hope your pharmacy carries it, if not, ask them to order it.

Shay :angel: