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Hey Zfennel, Welcome to the boards! I think you will find that you have come to a pretty amazing place. The people here are not only wise, but compassionate and are always willing to lend an ear or shoulder or offer a prayer or two even if they don't have the solution.

I don't take Methadone, but I do take an LA med and a BT med. In my opinion (and that of my PM doc) SA meds are generally needed for BT pain, because it is almost inevitable that we will be more active if our pain is better controlled by the LA med and will therefore have some BT pain. But not all docs agree with this. Has your doc actually refused to give you anything for BT in the past, or has it just not come up?

There are many options for BT meds and for the most part, they do pretty much the same thing, depending on strength, frequency, etc. I know my doc is of the school of thought that a different class of opiate for BT is more beneficial. (eg. I take Oxycontin and Norco which is hydrocodone for BT, but there are some who prefer that a patient take say, oxycontin for an LA med and percocet which is also oxycodone for BT) It really depends on the doc and both sides have valid points.

You mentioned that you have frequent muscle pain/spasms. Have you taken a Muscle Relaxer in the past? Much of my chronic pain is muscular, and I don't know how I would get through a day without a MR. If your doc is reluctant to prescribe BT meds, this might be an option that would help along with your methadone.

I hope some of this was helpful. I'm sure others will add their knowledge and experience as well. Take care and let us know how things are going. CMP/MM